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Native Indonesian dangdut music

Diposkan oleh Muhammad ahlan Monday, October 15, 2012 Label: Music Dangdut music is an art that develops continuously in INDONESIA, dangdut was agreed many people as the music that carries the aspirations of lower-class society with all its simplicity and kelugasannya. Distinctive feature is reflected in the lyrics and song structure that most songs languish

       Until now dangdut not be swayed by other music. Enthusiasm dangdut audience never knew the place. Wherever enthusiasm could not be contained. Two basic movements usually performed without conscious when people hear the music dangdut, which is moving his head and legs. Dangdut was no longer present as a musical, but it has evolved even further into the arena looking for talent like dangdut singer held in private televisions in Indonesia.

        However dangdut in Indonesia seemed condemned by Islamic leaders in Indonesia itself. because the dangdut singer usually wears sexy clothing. and much misused

      You know that you've got to dangdut Japan and around her? still not believe? as a group of' Drunk Girls' is also OM HEART 93. deeply felt song though the song really fast in tempo, but it feels really twisted dangdutnya., Elvie Sukaesih been successfully used to shake the audience building Shibuya, Tokyo. Even the prestigious music magazine Japan Music Magazine gave Elvie sensational award for Best Live Show Tokyo 1991. In fact, the same year the world famous artist, Madonna gig in Japan. In 2008 too, Rhoma Irama also signed a Memorandum of Understandingdengan Tanaka of Japan in Tokyo Life Record.. A total of 200 pieces of the song will be recorded in English and Japanese, to be circulated in the International market. The plan of songs that were made in the form of LD and CD.

       I can only say WOW! and marveled at the achievement of dangdut in the international arena.. As a citizen of Indonesia, we obviously have to be proud dong popular dangdut music abroad. Especially those who like JAPANESE.. state not shy about adapting something. dangdut may be more famous in the WORLD in the future.

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